PPC ROI / Google Adwords Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the return on investment of your PPC campaigns and Google Ads Cost.
Simply adjust the sliders to match your Google Ads campaign details and let the calculator do the rest!

Projected Monthly Spend

Normally we recommend you start with a minimum of $500 to spend on Google Ads per month as your Google Ads Budget.

$ 500

Expected CPC

An average Cost Per Click (CPC) varies by each industry but can range on average from $1.00-$50.00

$ 1

Target Conversion Rate (The number of enquiries from the visitors)

A great Google Ads campaign will generate anywhere from 10-15% conversion rate.

1 %

Average Sales Price

The average amount a customer normally spends with your business for each deal.

$ 0

Lead to Customer Rate

What is your lead to customer conversion rate? i.e. if you have 100 leads and you close 10 deals, the percentage will be 10%.

0 %


Number of Clicks
(Total Visits)
Number of Leads
Actual Number of Customers
Total Sales
$ 0
ROI (Expected Profit)
0 %


This Google Ads cost calculator is not definitive on how much your ad campaigns and advertising costs will eventually amount to as a lot of the data here varies i.e. average cpc, conversion rates, sales price etc. Keep this in mind when deciding on a Google Ads Budget.


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