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Website Hosting doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated, let us show you our flexible packages to host your website.  Combined with our fantastic customer support, we believe we are the best company to take care of your website. 

WD Hosting Pro

$ 129 Per Month

WD Hosting

$ 50 Per Month

WD Hosting Max

$ 499 Per Month

All plans include:

All plans are payable by credit card in SGD

Why Work With Us


Singapore-based company with experienced full time staff who have consistently delivered for clients.


Simple processes, effective project management & on-demand prioritization.


We have streamlined our process to keep. cost low. Flat monthly fee, no hidden costs, no contracts.


Quick 1-2 day turnaround on most projects, simple team collaboration, fanatical customer support.


Our maintenance package covers what you need to keep your website running at all times.


We have been in business for 9 years. We have customers that followed us through this years.

Need us to quote a particular website fix?

We can do that too! No project too small, no project too big.  We can give you a quote, just drop us a note!

  • Quick reply to you within 15 mins. 
  • Includes Reasonable Changes & Revisions
  • Advanced Project Management
  • Online Communication
  • More Than 9 Years Experience. 
  • Project Handled By Experienced Staff


We've helped over many clients from around the word.
Let us know how we can help you grow.

Still Confused?

Website is pretty simple and we can explain to you and also understand how our solutions will help you. 

Still have questions about our website hosting?

Get the straight FAQs

Web hosting is, more or less, an agreement between you and a web hosting service provider that you will pay a monthly lease to own and operate a portion of their massive web servers. These are computers that will house all of your data, and will allow others to get a good look at the content you so painstakingly create. Think of it as a storage unit with windows that other Internet users will drive by and take a peep through.

In order to operate a web site you absolutely need a web hosting account, as no site can just live on the Internet without a web server. Since web server usually costs thousands of dollars it is much more affordable to simply lease one from a web hosting provider. Web hosting services give you the opportunity to reach the world wide web without making a significant investment.

SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a security protocol used to protect data as it is transmitted between devices on the Internet.

SSL certificates indicate the presence of this technology being used by a website. Most online shoppers will not shop at your site unless you have an SSL certificate.

Content delivery networks (CDN) are the transparent backbone of the Internet in charge of content delivery. Whether we know it or not, every one of us interacts with CDNs on a daily basis; when reading articles on news sites, shopping online, watching YouTube videos or perusing social media feeds.

No matter what you do, or what type of content you consume, chances are that you’ll find CDNs behind every character of text, every image pixel and every movie frame that gets delivered to your PC and mobile browser.


In a nutshell, CDN makes your website load faster. This is one of the key advantage of buying Web Delegate Hosting from us. 

There is none. If you host with us, we will help you to port your website over to our server and connect your domain. There is no domain transfer fees in our hosting packages. 

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