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Free eCommerce Website For SSIC Code 47x

As fellow SME owners, we know how important it is to change and reinvent our business model post Covid19.

We focus on helping SMEs embark on this digitalisation journey.We believe the future is digital.
This does not mean that you just need a new website but also looking into new age marketing techniques to reach out to our customers. 

eCommerce Website Package

Perfect for SMEs to get started on eCommerce

SGD 4,999

For companies below 30 SKUs

1 Reference Template
Can Customize Color, Content, Images
Mobile Responsive
Build using WordPress Elementor
WordPress Admin Dashboard
Implementation of WooCommerce
Project Completion in 10-15 working days
Training Provided
One Time Payment
Fast but with Quality

Money Back Guarantee

The Web Delegate Guarantees a 100% refund in the event you are not satisfied with the first draft of your website.

Enjoy Extra Perks

All our website packages comes with a free Customer Relationship Management Tool, Chat Bot and Google Adwords Setup.

Focus On Helping SMEs

90% of our customers are SMEs Owners. We are familiar with this segment and with the relevant government grants.

Speed of Work

We have a proven process to automate website development to deliver websites. This enable SME owners to Go Digital much quicker.

Diverse Range of Services

We are one-stop solution for a SME’s digitalisation journey. Services ranging from Website Development, Digital Marketing and others.

9 Years In The Business

We have been in this business since 2012. We have extensive experience and provide good customer service with fast delivery.

What Does It Mean By SSIC Code 47x?

An SSIC code, or a Singapore Standard Industrial Classification Code, is a number provided to classify a company’s business activities that are carried out. You can find it in the ACRA Document. Below is a screenshot of some of the activities in this SSIC Code:


Here's How We Get Started With A Customer

We usually have a discovery call to understand which stage of the digitalisation journey our customer is at. Then we recommend relevant packages to suit their needs. We have a price for each customer segment.
Completion of Projects
Our dedicated team will work hand in hand with our customers to succeed in the first project they have with us. The project can be done in 5-10 working days. This is important as we want to build a long term relationship with them.
Keeping In Touch
We never see each customer as a one time project. We believe in being with the customer on this journey and we provide future services such as SEO, Digital Marketing and even custom application development.
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

How Does Our Ecommerce Solution Look Like?

Here are a sample video we did for a sample tea shop.  It will showcase the backend functionality as well. 


Read whatour clientshave to say about us

The Wow Company
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The team was very nice and professional. We have quite a lot of stuffs to changed, the team is very patient and really did good job for us. We would like to thank them for their great efforts and patience.
Phil Chou
Phil Chou
Community Sector Banking
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After working with many web design agencies, we can easily rate the service of Web Delegate as one of the best we have ever had the pleasure to work with. We are really happy with the website they built for us.
The Baking Portal
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Web Delegate was very helpful and efficient in helping us to build our website. We are very satisfied with their prompt response and perfect work. Definitely recommend to others!
Don K
Don K
Courier Pigeon
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I am so glad that I choose Web Delegate. The website looks so nice and they deliver the site in only 5 days. Thanks Alex and Sherry. Highly recommend.
Tour Mount Bromo
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The quality of work and attention to detail Web Delegate displayed are impressive. The team have the ability to create a user-friendly, professional and beautiful website. Highly recommend.
Little Fawns
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The team in Web Delegate are very reliable and helpful. They delivered timely with very good customer support. Satisfied with our new site.
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Web Delegate was very helpful and resourceful throughout the process of revamping our website. Surely recommend to those who are looking to revamp their website!
Sahil Gupta
Sahil Gupta
Mech Flo Technologies
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We hired them to do a simple 5-7 page corporate website. It was amazing work and I truly appreciate the efforts that they put in to ensure we get a good website.

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