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Mobile apps have become a necessity for most businesses. However, iOS and Android app development can be more expensive, takes longer time to develop and requires more resources to build. With that being said, some companies choose to look for an alternative that leverages similar features you can get in native apps.

What is WebView App Development?

Your website can be adapted into a webview app. It embeds your website directly into an app without the need to recreate your website’s functions in a new programming language. This helps you retain full functionalities of your website in mobile view, providing a more optimised app experience. It’s faster and easier to develop, and requires minimum maintenance as updates are coming directly from your website.

WebView also has advanced configuration options that allow you to embed pages of any content types in a layout that fits your app. This approach is suitable for clients who are on a budget, need the app fast and do not need any complex functionalities that require the full potential of hardware and software integration.

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Web Delegate provides a full suite of end-to-end in-house development

Here’s why SMEs owners prefer dealing with Web Delegate

Speed Of Work

Without compromising quality, Web Delegate has a proven process to automate website development to deliver websites within 5-15 working days. This enable SME owners to Go Digital much quicker. 

Diverse Range of Services

Web Delegate is a one stop solution for a SME's digitalisation journey. We provide services ranging from website development, SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, e-Commerce and custom applications.

Familiar with Government Grants

Depending on the SME and the project type, some of our customers are eligible for government grants such as Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG), Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) etc. We are able to provide a free consultation if your company would qualify. 

How we create customised Webview Applications

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Our mission is to help customers who do not have the knowledge or the resources to tap on the digital world.

We believe in the post Covid19 world, the world will transition into a “new normal”. In this new normal, reaching out to your customers online is even more prevalent and common than before.

At our core, we believe that if your business is not tech based, it is best to delegate the work to someone else so you can focus on your real business.

As with all businesses, our customers’ success is our success.

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