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Web Delegate Maintenance

For Corporate Website
SGD 149
/ Month
  • Up to 4 hours/mth of content updates
  • Bugfix
  • Safeguard your site from attack
  • Database security strengthening
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Monthly Software Updates
  • Response in 48 Hours
  • Billed Yearly
  • Design & Development Time (can add-on)

Web Delegate Maintenance Pro

For eCommerce Website
SGD 299
/ Month
  • Up to 8 hours/mth of content updates
  • Bugfix
  • Safeguard your site from attack
  • Database security strengthening
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Monthly Software Updates
  • Response in 24 Hours
  • Billed Yearly
  • Design & Development Time (can add-on)

Web Delegate Maintenance Max

For Custom Projects
SGD 599
/ Month
  • Up to 12 hrs/mth of content updates
  • Up to 4 hrs/mth of design & development
  • Bugfix
  • Database security strengthening
  • Daily Website Backups
  • Weekly Software Updates
  • Safeguard your site from attack
  • Response in 24 Hours
  • Billed Yearly

Optimized for WordPress

We actively contribute to the WordPress codebase, so you can be sure that we know all the ins and outs of this world-class CMS. This is available in all our website maintenance packages. 

Our rich set of features combined with our in house team will empower you to manage your website maintenance effortlessly and fix broken links at a fair maintenance cost.

We Make Web Maintenance Easy For You

Our website maintenance plan encompasses all processes and activities essential to securing and maintaining your website 24/7

Monitor your website’s firewall

We’ll set up and monitor your firewall to protect your website. This filters out malicious requests to your website such as Cross Site Scripting (XSS) or Malicious File Upload.

Update WordPress frequently

We’ll ensure your web pages are up to date with the latest WordPress version and plugins. This will be done on a monthly or weekly basis depending on your website’s requirements.

Site recovery

Updating your WordPress version and plugins can sometimes result in your website not working properly. We’ll provide a warranty to fix any bugs and recover your website so it functions normally again.

Monitor real-time IP

We’ll monitor all IP activities so we’re the first to know if there’s a DDOS attack on your website. We’ll immediately update any settings required to protect your website.

Update password frequently

We’ll update your website password regularly for users on your website, ensuring every account stays protected.

Monitor security threats

We monitor what’s happening in the security community and news so we can take real-time action when needed.

24/7 security monitoring

We’ll secure your website data with reliable backups and protect your site with regular security checks.

Daily cloud backup

We’ll protect your website with daily and regular backups that will serve you reliably and consistently.

Debug website frequently

Troubleshooting and fixing website errors to make sure your website is bug-free.

Key Benefits of Working With Us

Whatever issue you might be facing, big or small, technical or design-related, Web Delegate can sort it out for you!

Dedicated WordPress Team

We have a group of highly experienced and vetted WordPress specialists who know all the ins and outs of WordPress. They have been fixing errors, adding features, and optimizing WordPress for the community to use and are here to assist you.

Easily contactable

Our experts are true enthusiasts with a no-quit attitude. They will not rest until the issue gets resolved. We’ll always be a WhatsApp text or call away.

Reachable Singapore-Based Team

Our team is based in Singapore so that you can reach us any time. No need to worry about the jet lag. We are always here to support you and fix your issues on website.

Currently do not have a package for web maintenance services?

Site not done or hosted by us?  No worries, our website maintenance specialists can help implement security updates and security patches for you! We can still provide web maintenance services to make sure it’s stable and secure. Just give us a call and we will recommend the most suitable website maintenance services for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can do website maintenance yourself if you know how to. However, this could cost you precious time that could be spent building your business with digital marketing campaigns and fresh content. We therefore recommend website maintenance services from a maintenance company like us.

Yes, although this may be more costly for you. We have all the required processes and systems in place to maintain websites consistently and you can seek our website maintenance services.

Yes, he or she can. But based on our experience, most developers aren’t interested in maintaining websites. While developers are great at developing websites and apps, ensuring a well maintained constantly evolving page with a good load speed on search engines might not be their area of interest or even expertise. 

Amazon Web Server is a very secure server when set up properly. However, it protects only your back-end, not your front-end. WordPress releases updates monthly, while some plugins updates are released weekly. Your front-end needs to be secured too. 

Yes, of course. We have website maintenance services that help keep your WordPress website up to date as long as it’s created using WordPress.

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