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Your Dedicated Web Design Manager

Each project includes 1 Project Manager. They’ll become part of your team in creating that web design that you require.

Value Added Services

Our Web Design services don't just end here. We provide web hosting , Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and digital marketing services.


One flat monthly fee. No contracts, no hidden fees, no stress of finding a great designer.

Basic Ecommerce Package

Get an e-commerce website to sell your items online.

SME Ecommerce Package

For SMEs looking to run a serious online business. 

Full Ecommerce Package

Incorporation of UI/UX elements into the web design process. 

What's Included

We can help with almost everything you might need in the digitalisation journey.

  • Basic Ecommerce Package
  • SME Ecommerce Package
  • Full Ecommerce Package

What We Do in XE Startup Package

If you need something not included on this list, please chat with Sophie (or whatsapps us) as we will be able to advise you better.

What We Do in XE Advanced Package

If you need something not included on this list, please chat with Sophie(or whatsapps us) as we will be able to advise you better. 

What We Do in XE Full Package

If you need something not included on this list, please chat with Sophie(or whatsapps us) as we will be able to advise you better. 

Web Delegate Perks

It’s time to stop chasing after companies that are unreliable and expensive.
We have created a web design process that have generated more than 90% Customer Satisfaction. 

Speed of Work

We have a proven process to automate website development to deliver websites. This enables Go Digital much quicker.

Money Back Guarantee

The Web Delegate Guarantees a 100% refund in the event you are not satisfied with the first draft of your website.

9 Years In The Business

We have been in this business since 2012. We have extensive experience and provide good customer service with fast delivery.

Focus On Helping SMEs

90% of our customers are SMEs Owners. We are familiar with this segment and with the relevant government grants.

Get Human Support

Our dedicated web design team can support you in getting sales online.

Team Collaboration

During the project, we treat ourselves as part of your team and aim to deliver quality , fast and attractive website to boost your online sales.

How It Works

Spend less time on your website and scale your business faster

Submit Reference Website

Tell us exactly what you need to have designed.

Give Feedback, Get Revisions

Let us know about the revisions you need.

Approve And Launch

Approve the design to up running your website.

Our Portfolios

Here are some sample corporate websites that we did for actual customers.
It will give you a brief insight into what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about how we work and what you get? We’ve got all the answers you need.

Ecommerce websites is subsidised up to 80% under the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) for the retail and F&B industry. If you are in this industry,  Just speak to us to know more. 

For other industries, there is no PSG grant for ecommerce websites.

Web Delegate XE does not include any custom web design. We aim to create websites quickly so customers can focus on growing their business through digital marketing. If you would like to embark on custom projects, we are happy to talk further and you can also find more information on custom development projects here

It will be 12 pages but we understand that typically most e-commerce website will include the basic sites like home, about us, products, contact us etc. We have been in business for 9 years and we have done many projects to understand the expectations of customers in this segment. 

Content uploading and teaching you how to use the admin dashboard by WordPress is just an additional SGD$500 (including 20 products uploading). In fact , 90% of our customers take this add on to make the web design experience a pleasant one. 

Talk to us and start your digitalisation journey. 

In our opinion, the customers that will benefit from this package are likely to be the following:

  • Newly established company
  • We are mainly liaising with the business owner
  • Offering easily understood products and services
  • Focus on generating sales and moving fast
  • Lesser than 10 SKUs
  • Do not qualify for website related government grants
  • Companies with less than 5 team members

Talk to us and we can recommend you what steps to take in this digitization journey.

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