Tech-And-Go Grant By NCSS

Grant Support For Social Service Agencies (SSAs)80% funding!

Only need 1 quote for the selected pre-scoped technology.

Tech and Go Webdelegate
NCSS-Web Delegate

Get 80% to 100% for your
Technology Adoption & Consultancy with Tech and Go!

No Need for 3 Quotes
 Only need 1 quote for the selected pre-scoped technology, while no quote is needed for pre-scoped consultancy.

Pre-scoped IT Solutions
Searching for suitable IT solutions and evaluating IT vendors can be challenging. Your agency can breeze through these steps by tapping on the Pre-scoped IT solutions that have been assessed to be effective and affordable.

About the Tech n Go

Helping Social Service Agencies Uplift Their Digital Capabilities

Key highlights of Tech N Go:

  • 80-100% funding to defrey cost of technology adoption.
  • No need for 3 quotations
  • Pre scope IT solutions that are affordable and effective.
  • Fully funded advisory to get you started on digitization
  • Pre scoped professional help to implement technology, make strategy plans on digitization and ensure data protection compliance.

Requirements of Tech N Go

Am I Eligible For The Tech N Go Grant?

To apply for the Tech N Go Grant, you are required to fulfil these conditions:

  • Agency is a NCSS member or funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF)

Does your business fit these requirements?

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Summary of Tech N Go Fund

An overview of what Tech N Go Covers. We mainly work with the Funding and Consultancy portion under the eCommerce solution:

Tech N Go - NCSS - Web Delegate - Web Design Company Singapore

Kickstart Your E-Commerce Website in 4 Easy Steps

Not sure where to begin? Fret not! In just 4 easy steps, you can bring your own E-Commerce website to life!


We’d love to understand more about your business! Arrange a consultation with us and let’s brainstorm. We’ll also provide a quotation just for you!


Our team will guide you through the process. Once all the paperwork is completed, submit it through the Business Grant Portal!


Our team will design and develop your website whilst manage your project ensuring project success.


Once your site is live, submit the required paperwork to process your claims.

Web Design Singapore

Uplift the digital capabilities with up to $10,000 for your website today!

Why Work With Us

Here at Web Delegate, we pride ourselves with these core qualities:

Experienced Team

Our team has a wide variety of experience working with SMEs & MNCs from different industries across Singapore. Tap onto our experience to ensure that your new E-Commerce Website achieve high conversion rates and serves as an additional revenue stream.

Prompt Response Rate

Keeping a close relationship to all our web design clients is a core value at Web Delegate. Be it pre or post project, we dedicate an account manager for every web design project to ensure ease of communication, prompt response and quality service delivery.

Innovation & Fresh Idea

Web Delegate is powered by a driven in-house web design Singapore team. Our key priorities for our clients revolve around generating unique ideas, communicating unique selling points and presenting our client's corporate brand identity to their potential and existing customers.

Fully Customisable Websites

Flexibility has always been a part of Web Delegate's culture. We strongly believe that every web design project has its own unique vision and goals. Our web design Singapore team is dedicated to meeting every client's needs and wants to ensure we value add to your business.

Our Work Process

Our team at Web Delegate is structured to take on complex projects.
From Mobile Applications to Customised Web Portals/Platforms to Retail POS linkup, we have plenty of experience in bringing ideas to reality.

Consultation and Proposal
By learning about your business' unique selling point, we will value-add to your business with a proposal carefully scoped to enhance your company's image.
Easy Onboarding Process
Along with the site architecture and design guidelines, we will provide a timeline documentation with our rigorous follow-up process deadlines for deliverables.
Sesign Research
Before beginning our designs, we will conduct competitive research of your brand, competitors and industry to give your business the edge.
Design & Develop
Our in-house IT team will work closely with our designer, account manager and , copywriter in order to deliver you your desired website on time.
After-market Support
One year of free hosting and maintenance are included within our proposal, to ensure that our website will be running smoothly after the project is completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Food Services enterprises include restaurants, cafes, snack bars and food kiosks, bakeries, fast food outlets, food caterers, canteens, food courts, coffee shops and eating houses.
  • Retail enterprises include those in footwear, bags, clothing, furniture, jewellery, watches, cosmetics, hardware, pet supplies, toys, books, handphones and computer hardware.
  • To view the full list of qualified SSIC for Food Services and Retail sectors, please visit the DRB webpage at

  • A Retail or Food Services enterprise that has outdated SSIC codes can be supported through an appeal, if the enterprise’s main business activities are in the Retail or Food Services sectors.
  • You can submit an appeal by completing the form in the links below. You will also have to provide the necessary supporting documents as stipulated in the form.
  • Retail:
  • Food Services:
  • Please note that all appeals are subject to IMDA and ESG’s evaluation and approval. Enterprises whose appeals are supported will be notified via email and their payout(s) will be processed accordingly.

IMDA will be collecting usage information from all qualified solution providers before cross-checking the data internally to determine the enterprises that will receive the DRB payouts. For example, if you are using two qualified digital ordering solutions, both your solution providers will send your usage information to IMDA.

  • An enterprise that uses a qualified solution through a third-party service provider can be supported through an appeal, if the service provider can provide documentary proof that the enterprise’s accounting/HR payroll transactions are processed using the solution.
  • You can submit an appeal by completing the form in the links below. You may also seek assistance from your service provider on the supporting documents required for the appeal.

All solutions must provide cloud-based, mobile-based or web-based access. In addition, they need to meet the functional requirements specified on the DRB webpage at

  • The first enterprises that adopt the pre-defined solutions will receive their first Bonus payouts in August. Those that adopt later will receive their Bonus payouts in later months. IMDA will have a monthly cycle of assessing enterprises’ eligibility for the Bonus and making the Bonus payouts.
  • Assessment of eligibility for the DRB payouts is based on whether an enterprise has used the solution, regardless of the date when the solution was deployed.
  • The Bonus payout will be paid through your PayNow Corporate account. You can check your account statement to see if you have been paid.
  • Alternatively, you may check the status of your enterprise’s eligibility for the DRB payouts, including whether your solution provider has submitted your UEN and whether you have been paid, via the Enterprise Portal which will be ready by October. Kindly subscribe to the official SMEs Go Digital Telegram channel at for updates on when the Enterprise Portal is available.

Yes, the Bonus for each category will be extended to you if you adopt all the solutions in that category. The total payout for each enterprise upon fulfilment of all three categories is $10,000.

  • Yes, enterprises are eligible for the DRB as long as the adopted solutions fall under the respective categories and are listed on the DRB webpage at
  • Assessment of eligibility for the DRB payouts is based on whether an enterprise has used the solution, regardless of the date when the solution was deployed.

  • As a grant, the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) helps to offset the cost of buying a preapproved digital solution under the SMEs Go Digital programme. As announced in the Resilience Budget, the maximum support level for PSG has been raised from 70% to 80% from 1 Apr 2020 to 31 Dec 2020.
  • The DRB is an additional incentive for digitalisation during this COVID-19 period. It provides a one-time cash payout for enterprises that adopt a predefined set of solutions to uplift their digital capabilities so that they can adapt to safe management practices after the circuit breaker period and be more productive and competitive. The solution adopted does not have to be a PSG-supported solution.
  • Enterprises can receive the DRB as long as the solutions adopted fall under the respective categories and are listed on the DRB webpage at For enterprises who have adopted a solution with PSG support, they are still eligible to receive the DRB as long as the solution comes under the DRB list.

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