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The Baking Portal

The Baking Portal

Founded by a half-a-century aged couple who have strong interests in Baking. Husband, Charlie with 30 years of aviation background, now turned his passion into baking. He had attended many baking classes and will continue to upgrade various unique baking knowledges locally and overseas. Inspired and motivated by the success of their pilot project “Simply Baking Club”, they decided to start up a small baking studio to feed their big passion for baking. Hence, THE BAKING PORTAL is founded on 25th December 2020.

THE BAKING PORTAL is a cozy place to let fellow bakers share their baking knowledges with peoples who likes to bake.

About The Baking Portal WooCommerce Store

In this special period, many small local businesses owners are seeking to open up their e-commerce website for more traffic and customers.

The baking portal requests that we build an e-commerce website for their newly started bakery business. As the founders of this bakery are about half-a-century old, they have little to no experience with e-commerce. We helped them to build the new website and provide maintenance services to ensure they are get aboard.

Below are the challenge, process and results for this campaign.

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Issues we met when project started

The baking portal requests that we build an e-commerce website for their newly started bakery business. As the founders of this bakery are about half-a-century old, they have little to no experience with e-commerce. Getting them onboard the digital platform was a challenge as they were fearful of making mistakes when using new technology and lacked the skills to use them. With that, we also need to provide them with appropriate coaching sessions to quell those fears and equip them with the relevant skills to run the e-commerce website.

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How we fixed the issues

  1. Build a woo-commerce website based on the needs and requirements of The Baking Portal.
  2. Made customized changes to the website to align the needs of both the company and the customers.
  3. Integrated plugins and payment gateways to add extra functions to the e-commerce that enhances convenience for the customers.
  4. Uploaded content such as company and product information provided by The Baking Portal.
  5. Pilot tests were conducted to check the readiness of the platform before fully implementing the e-commerce site into the operations of the business.
  6. Maintenance of the website was also conducted to keep their website updated and relevant to the customers.
  7. Coaching sessions were conducted to equip the admin with the relevant skill sets to operate the website.
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How we helped The Baking Portal

Here’s the results for this project:

  1. 70% increase in user views of the website.
  2. Higher conversion rate onsite which in turn helps to generate more revenue.
  3. Increase lead generation by having a contact us section for interested consumers to leave their contact details.
  4. Increase in average session duration of visitors on their website.
  5. Raise brand awareness and better connect with their potential customers.
  6. Broaden reach of the company as the e-commerce website acts another point of contact for the customers

Our Procedure

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Website Design & Development

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Customizations and Integrations

We recognise that being able to customise your e-commerce website to align with your company offerings is crucial to the success of your business.

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Website Maintenance & enhancement

Maintenance is vital to all businesses to keep the e-commerce website relevant and to stay competitive. To do so, we help companies maintain their site by uploading the content and backing up their websites to ensure no data is lost. 

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