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Silverfox studios

Silverfox studios

Silverfox Studios is an Interior Architectural Design business focusing on the needs of the Hospitality industry. Their strengths are born from a collective experience of excellence in the international arena for both Urban and Resort environments.

Silverfox Studio prides itself on original conceptual thinking and implementation. Their work is specific to our clients needs and our philosophy is to surpass the expectations of the client, the operator and the end user. Their mandate for conceptuality driven design provides their client with a design strategy and purpose, the project shall be unique, have a relationship to the environment and be responsive to commercial demand.

About Silverfox Studios SEO & PPC Campaign

With a global market, development of an international SEO roadmap is necessary. Especially with this pandemic, SEO strategy and marketing becomes extremely important to all business owners.

Silverfox Studios got in touch with Web Delegate to audit their SEO campaign. We helped them from setting up the basic SEO settings to running a full SEO campaign. They would also want to reach out to more people to gain awareness on the projects that they have done.

Below are the challenge, process and results for this campaign.

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Issues we met when project started

Silverfox Studios requested we audit their existing SEO campaign and recommend a strategy to improve their current performance in a highly competitive market for interior design.

With a global market, development of an international SEO roadmap was required.

We did the basic SEO package with them and optimise the on page SEO for them.

They wanted to gain awareness on their recent projects in Hong Kong and we recommended them to do a PPC campaign in Hong Kong.

web design singapore


How we fixed the issues

We undertook the following steps to craft a SEO and PPC strategy for Silverfox Studios:

  • Comprehensive keyword research.
  • Competitor keyword rankings.
  • Competitor link-building strategy.
  • Established purchase intent for short vs long tail keywords.
  • Comprehensive technical and site architecture audit.
  • We used our internal software to determine the highest value keywords in terms of search volume and estimated CPC
  • Made use of historical data from their Google Ads campaign to determine which keywords were most valuable in terms of generating enquiries and leads 
web design singapore


How we helped Silverfox Studios

  • Silverfox Studios dominates SEO visibility for their brand name on Google.
  • Users are able to find out more information on about Silver Fox Studios.
  • Ran 2 PPC campaigns for them in Hong Kong.
  • Marketed 2 recent projects – Man Wah & The Aubrey.
  • Silver Fox Studios advertisement now appears whenever a user searches for interior designers for hospitality and also for the projects that they do.
  • We do not share actual returns on investment from the ads as this are confidential information to our client.

Before vs. After

We monitor the site health. This ensures the website are bug-free and get ready to rank higher on Google Search.

Site Audit (Before)
Site Audit (After)

We started running a PPC campaign in Hong Kong for Silver Fox Studios.

Search Results for Man Wah (Before)
Search Results For Man Wah (After)

Our Procedure

Step no.

01 .


We start with an in-depth review of your website; any previous SEO work that may have been completed, site architecture, content audit, competitor analysis and current rankings.

Step no.

02 .


We undertake extensive keyword and competitor research to uncover keyword gaps and whitespace opportunities.

Step no.

03 .


Technical SEO improvements to optimise site performance, speed, architecture, health and keyword alignment.

Step no.

04 .

PPC Campaign

Setting up of Google Adwords For Customer. Or Facebook Ads.

Executing Digital Marketing Campaign.

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