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NUS FASS Electronic Self-Access Centre

Established in 1929, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) comprises 16 departments that offer a wide range of academic offerings in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Asian Studies and Language Studies. The Centre of Language Studies (CLS) which oversees Language Studies teaches thirteen languages namely, Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Spanish, Tamil, Thai, and Vietnamese. 

At present, CLS offers a wide range of language modules designed specifically for students of all levels from elementary to advanced. With about 3330 students attending these classes per semester, it helps them to gain valuable economic and social resources in today’s world of globalisation and internationalisation. The Centre dedicates itself to excellence in teaching while striving to maintain and improve high standards of teaching by engaging in research and facilitating professional development in foreign language teaching.

About NUS FASS Electronic Self-Access Centre

NUS FASS has 13 different languages programmes. They wish to have a one-stop platform for students to self-learn after classes.

As requested, we came up with an electronic self-access centre to incorporate their study plans into 13 languages. We adjusted a bit for each language programme to fit their unique teaching method and requirements.

Below are the challenge, process and results for this campaign.

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Issues we met when project started


Offering 13 different languages, NUS FASS has requested that we come up with an electronic self-access centre to incorporate their study plans into 13 different languages. As each language has its own unique teaching methods, customising the website to suit the different styles was a challenge. Some of the teaching methods include the use of podcasts, audios, videos, apps, and games. On top of these requirements, the teaching methods are catered to the various levels from elementary to advanced which further raise the difficulty of this project.

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How we fixed the issues

We undertook the following steps to craft a strategy catering to the requirements of this project:

  1. Created one website for one language
  2. Further broke down the languages into six levels according to the modules offered.
  3. Categorize the various teaching methods into 3 parts: podcast, audios and videos, apps and games. This helps to standardize the look and feel of the website across the 13 different languages.
  4. Incorporated 18 games into the apps and games section allowing the students to access the resources and make it enjoyable for them while learning the language.
  5. Constructed a library of podcasts with audio and video lessons to allow easy access for students.
  6. Established a reference library of audio and videos to help students better understand the language through self-practice questions and conversational practice.
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How we helped NUS FASS

Here’s the results for this project:

  1. Enabled professors to incorporate more variety in delivering above and beyond class materials. 
  2. 70 % of students who visited the website acknowledged that the electronic self-access centre is useful in helping them learn the language
  3. 80% of the professors found it easy to disseminate information on this platform while specifically targeting the students of different language proficiency. 
  4. The implementation of the platform was successful in helping students pique interest in the language studies 

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