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Little Fawns .

Little Fawns .

Little Fawns – It all started with a dream of making quality baby essentials available for the little ones around us.

Founded by a group of friends who loves children, we believe that all babies deserve a little more care which best resembles the gentle touch from their loved ones. Through every single tirelessly curated piece at Little Fawns which is sustainably sourced, we wish to create precious memories for your family which lasts a lifetime. Our products are developed using safe and natural cotton materials that are light, soft and breathable on babies’ delicate skin – we hope it’ll bring a smile to your little ones’ faces!
Let Little Fawns be every baby’s best companion, every little step along the way.

About Little Fawns Shopify Store .

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We were tasked to help Little Fawn create an Ecommerce website that is in conjunction with the launch of the company. Halfway through the web development process, Little Fawn had a new concept on how the design of the website should look and feel. This resulted in a shorter time frame to deliver the website as there is a need to plan and recreate the look of an ecommerce. Hence, the challenge was to help Little Fawn adapt from the initial design to the new design with a tight schedule.


We undertook the following steps to craft a strategy catering to the requirements of this project:
1. Chose the design template that best fit the company’s image
2. Uploaded content such as company and product information provided by Little Fawn
3. Set up a back-end account to manage the sales and after sales processes
4. Integrate different applications and payment getaways to provide convenience to customers resulting in an increase the engagement rate.
5. Pilot tests are conducted to check the readiness of the website before the officially launch of the website.
6. Improvements were made to make the customer touchpoints more seamless.


1. 80% increase in user views of the website.
2. High conversion rate onsite which leads to increase in revenue.
3. Increase in average session duration of visitors on their website
4. Raise brand awareness and better connect with their potential customers.
5. Increase reach of the company as the e-commerce acts another point of contact for the customers

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Step no.

01 .

Understanding Your Needs

We start with a formal interview of your needs and requirements as well as understanding the nature of your business.

Step no.

02 .

Design and Uploading to the template

We understand that every company is different, hence we do our best to find the best design to fit your company’s brand image

Step no.

03 .

Integrate the website with Shopify apps

We undertake the necessary steps to integrate a Shopify application that handles everything from marketing to payment. 

Step no.

01 .

Website Testing & Maintenance

We recognise the significance of testing to ensure the readiness of the system and get your website in time for the launch. 

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