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ITUS Asset Management

ITUS Asset Management

ITUS is an independent, boutique external asset management firm that offers sound wealth management consultancy and holistic services. Our team of experts helps you plan and execute your financial and non-financial endeavours safely and discreetly.

Founded by three wealth managers with a combined experience of more than 80 years and who have seen a few cycles of economic recession, we are well-positioned to help high-net-worth individuals and families protect their wealth and achieve their financial objectives. ITUS is a Capital Market Service License holder and is regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

About ITUS Asset Management Online Signing System

With a global market, ITUS Asset Management has clients from all over the world. But during this special period, people cannot travel around to sign the contract in the office overseas.

ITUS reached to us for an online platform that allows clients to sign documents across the world. Users are allowed to review and sign the documents online with simple clicks. Admins can manage the system in a very easy way as well. 

Below are the challenge, process and results for this campaign.

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Issues we met when project started

ITUS requests for an online platform that allows clients to sign documents across the world. One of the difficulties in creating this online signing system is how to manage and track the number of documents online. As the documents are divided into two categories, one is a read-only document and the other is a signed document, creating the system to recognise if the clients have read or signed the document is a challenge. Also, it is requested that a history function is to be added as a feature to allow them to trace back their documents.

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How we fixed the issues

We carefully plan and craft out a strategy to cater to the requirements of this project:

  1. Build a back-end admin portal where functionalities such as tracking and managing documents are incorporated.
  2. Set up a front-end user interface to integrate with the back-end functions.
  3. Enhance UI/UX of the platform for a better user experience and ease of navigation.
  4. Added more functionality to the back-end admin portal for greater support control system
  5. Pilot tests were conducted to check the readiness of the system and debugging of the software before full implementation.
  6. Further improvements were made to enhance the system making it more user friendly for both the admin and the clients.
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How we helped ITUS Asset Management

Here’s the results for this project:

  1. 70% of the customers have switched to use this online platform since its launch.
  2. Increase efficiency in managing the documents online for faster and easier asset management and updates.
  3. Real-time asset tracking allows for fewer mistakes made in turn increasing customer satisfaction.
  4. 90% of the clients are satisfied with the new platform due to the added convenience of this process.
  5. Reduced administrative burdens by enhancing workflow.

Our Procedure

Step no.

01 .

Understanding Your Needs

We start with a formal interview of your needs and requirements as well as understanding the nature of your business.

Step no.

02 .

Build Back-end Admin Portal

We understand the importance of having a well-built back-end admin portal to ensure operational efficiency

Step no.

03 .

Improve Front-end User Interface

We create excellent UI/UX for a seamless customer experience across different touchpoint in the platform 

Step no.

04 .

Website Maintenance & enhancement

We recognise the significance of testing and maintenance of the system to ensure that the system is in good condition.

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