The Importance Of Website For Small Businesses in Singapore?

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So you have started a new business or you a running a small business . Here are 5 reasons why websites are important for small businesses.

1. Online Is Where You Customers Are.

A recent Google/Temasek Report found that 90 percent of Singapore SMEs with a website agree that it’s made it easier for customers to find their business. Today, customers are constantly searching on computers, tablets and smart phones. A website enables them to Google your company and learn about your business and what it offers at anytime is super important.

In today’s competitive online search environment, content is key. Google has revamped its algorithms to better serve user searches today, including rewarding sites that provide visitors with helpful content and a good user experience. This means that if someone is looking for a product or service that your business offers, your website needs to show up in the search results or you will miss out on potential sales leads.

2. Build Your Online Presence.

You can build a brand presence for your business on social media, but you’re restricted by the platform in terms of design, process and technology. A website can help small businesses increase flexibility, control, branding and credibility. Most Singapore consumers believe a business with a website is more credible than one that only has a social media page. To be credible and attract new customers, a website can make a difference.

If you are running a business now and you do not have a corporate website or ecommerce website to advertise your business, you can consider some ways to get started on web design.

3. Get Your Customers – Both in Singapore and Globally

In today’s digital world, you can find increasing more and more companies who depends solely on the internet to generate revenue for their company.

Ongoing business success oftentimes rests on your company’s ability to bring in new clients. Reaching thousands of people using only traditional marketing methods like direct mail or print advertising can be very expensive and unreliable. Getting online enables you to reach more people in Singapore or internationally while paying less for the exposure.

And, it’s not just about gaining new customers; you can use a website to better serve existing customers too. The ability to update business information 24/7 on the Internet improves customer communication while freeing up time to focus on other business priorities. And with a branded email, you can begin email marketing, driving traffic back to your on- and offline sites and boosting customer loyalty with your brand.

To market you services, you can consider Search Engine Optimization or PPC for your website.

4. Grow Your Business

Many small businesses aim to expand in the market and reach out to new customers. While face-to-face interactions can be important and business often comes from word-of-mouth, a website gives you a chance to “pass your card out” to thousands online. With an e-commerce store, you can sell items online and ship the product to customers almost anywhere in the world.

With a website, you can reach a greater number of potential customers and opportunities. However, instead of just spending too much time on development, it is also equally important to invest time into online marketing such as Facebook Ads and Google PPC.

5. Gain Competitive Advantage

In the year 2021, you don’t need just a website to display the information about your company. You need a website that can actually sell your services or generate you more leads for your business through online. The Covid19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of the internet across Singapore and your customers have most probably gone online to do their research as well as purchasing decisions. It is time that you do as well.

Typically for a small business, here are the 3 steps that they go with us:

1st Step: Web Delegate X (corporate website) or Web Delegate XE (ecommerce website)
Quick and fast way to get started within 10-15 working days for both corporate website and ecommerce website.

2nd Step: Web Delegate Hosting or Web Delegate Hosting Pro
Host it on our hosting servers and we will provide with basic maintenance so that you can concentrate on your business.

3rd Step: Web Delegate SEO or Web Delegate PPC or Web Delegate Facebook Ads

Digital marketing is one of the most popular methods that SMEs in Singapore are starting to get more business. As customers move online, a business should not be left behind and move online as well.

Worried that when your website looks different from what you expect when you engage a web vendor? Talk to us about your web development needs and we will share with you the secret to prevent this conflict between vendor and customer.

Want To Get More Leads Online?

You can look into our Web Delegate Products for a start if you are a small business. If you are looking into government grants, here is a detailed list of government grants including PSG for SMEs in Singapore.

We also help SMEs run Digital Marketing Campaigns such as Google Ads PPC or Facebook Ads.

Are you looking for a web design and development company that can take your website global? If so, contact us today to get started. 

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