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Tips On How To Improve Your Website

Due to the widespread of COVID-19 these days, governments around the world suggest people to work from home through telecommunication. Many SMEs are looking for ways to improve their websites and many more intend to move their physical stores online. Here are some website tips to improve your website by changing small things on your WordPress website. With better contents, your website can have larger traffic volume and higher rankings.

Here are some tips to improve your website by changing small things here and there in your website.

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Website Tips 1: COLORS

Color and contrast work in a simple manner. The more a text stands out against its background, the easier it is to read. Always highlight the keywords you want to emphasise on in a long paragraph, this helps to catch people’s attention when reading the long text and they would immediately know the general meaning of the text.

By choosing the right color also ensures that your content can be read by those visiting your page, especially users with vision impairments or color blindness. In fact, the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG highlight a number of practices for text contrast.

A great website must meet these accessibility guidelines. Tools like Measure can help you check for these contrast ratios.

Website Tips 2: Font Size and Style

When people read from your website, what they cares the most is the content. This makes font size of the text very important.  Smaller font sizes make it hard for users to read and focus and too big the font size is makes the reader tiring to scroll down his or her cursor.

Opt for a good font size–not too big or small–one that’s minimalistic and gets the point across. That’s not to say that you can’t play around with different fonts, but keep their use to a minimum. 

Font style is another point that a website builder should take note. Indeed, webdesign is crucial to a webite but it does not mean people cannot even read your design. When building a website, keep the text style as simple as possible and make it clear to the readers. For title, you can choose some stylish fonts but do not overexaggerate it. The main point is to let readers to read first before look at your design.

Website Tips 3: Structure

When talking about web banner design tips, we have to mention structure and visual hierarchy. Generating interest and getting more clicks starts with how you place the elements of your banner ads.

They need to strike the right balance to make sure that your audiences get the messages you’re trying to share. And do not construct overly detailed or complex sentences. Cramping too much in a small space just creates a sense of clutter.

Below are the key elements in any web banner design, ranked according to importance:

  • Your value proposition – This should take up the most space. Your value proposition offers important features and/or incentives that will get your audience’s attention. This included descriptions like “Limited Time” or “30% Off”.   
  • Your call-to-action – This should be a clear focal point in your ad, and play a supporting role to your value proposition. Depending on your goal and messaging try simple phrases like “Learn More”, “Get Started” or“Order now”.
  • Your company logo – Building brand awareness is one of the main objectives of banners. So make sure to include your logo. But don’t have it overpower your value prop or CTA. A common placement that works well is the top left corner. 
  • A simple image (optional) – If you have a product or service that you can clearly represent through an image, it can be useful to include. But it should not overpower the 3 other elements of a web banner. It should simply provide a complementary backdrop. 

Website Tips 4: Pictures

A picture speaks thousands of words.

Pictures convey a lot more information much quicker than large blocks of text. In truly effective website design, images can also be strategically placed to subtly guide users to where you want them to go. They can act as arrows pointing towards conversion points like “Shop Now” and “Contact Us” buttons.

When choosing images for your website, keep in mind that quality is key! All images should be high resolution and should fit the overall style of your website. It’s also a good idea to incorporate images of people as our eyes are naturally inclined to recognize faces. If you’re using stock photos, be careful not to choose ones that look too staged. 

Website Tips 5: Consistency

 “Trust is built with consistency.” One of the easiest ways to build trust with your website visitors is to maintain consistent design elements across your website.

Some examples of effective website design by way of consistency are maintaining the same navigation or menu bar across the top of each page of your site, keeping the same color scheme and fonts across each page, and maintaining a consistent image style. If you have vector art on your homepage and lifestyle stock photos on the rest, it can come off as disjointed or confusing to visitors.

Likewise, a lack of congruence between ads, landing pages, and your website can be one of the biggest deterrents for someone turning into a customer. If someone is in the market for a new winter coat and they see an ad featuring an image of a coat they like, they will be upset if they click onto your website only to find you do not actually sell the coat from the ad.

Website Tips 6: Mobile-friendly 

Do not forget about to optimize your site for mobile. In case you do not know, 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and “Google states that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% would visit a competitor’s site instead”.

It’s a necessity to tailor your site to fit the needs and wants of your visitors. Always ask yourself does my website mobile-friendly? What things would visitors look for? Does my experience currently allow them to do those things easily?

If your websites lagging on its mobile optimization, check out some awesome mobile websites to understand how they have created seamless mobile experiences for their users.

Website Tips 7: Try to Link to Emotions

All business builds on trust and relationships. The best way is to put yourself into other people’s shoes.

Try to tell your own story or a story from someone you know, this draws connections between you and your clients. It is okay to be personal as your clients may be thinking about the same thing.

“It’s really nice to include a story about yourself or why you created the business in the first place, as long as that reason is something more than just ‘to make money.’ If you started the business to help people or if there was a specific thing that happened that led to your business idea, people love stories like that.”

Website Tips 8: Always look for your clients

Last but not least, communicate with your clients and ask them how do they feel about your websites. Clients are the one who would be reading your websites and purchase your products or services. They usually would give constructive and valuable suggestions or insights which you coud use to improve your websites.

Therefore, it is important to be interactive your platform and always be ready to talk with your clients.

Too complicated? No worries, we can help you on this! Check our corporate website package or e-commerce website package to get your website done in 20 days. Just save your time and energy and focus on your main business.

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