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Guide to Content Marketing [Part II: Optimisation]

In this article, we discuss how to optimise your current content marketing in order to improve your traffic in the long run. 

Stay relevant and fresh

According to Google’s Core Update, people who update their current content generally create more traffic than people who do not. This includes deleting irrelevant information or invalid content

Make sure your content is actionable and useful to retain or even increase your rank in the long run. Besides deleting irrelevant content, you could 301 redirect it to the most relevant URL. Additionally, you could fix your SEO errors and your dead links that could create a poor user experience. You could simply do this using Ubersuggest by clicking on the “Site Audit Report” on the left side bar, type in your URL, and allow Ubersuggest to analyse your site. Go through and fix any of the errors it picks out to continually improve and tweak your site.

Beyond updating your blog posts, it is also imperative that you update your pages to improve your Topical Authority in your niche. You could take keywords throughout multiple pages that are similar and combine them to avoid repetition. Think in the perspective of a customer, would you want to read the same content over and over again? Try to explore fewer topics but in greater detail.

How to succeed using Content Marketing?

It may be unbelievable but you can achieve success through Content Marketing in 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Understand your Target Audience

Understanding your customers needs allows you to serve them better and them to establish loyalty towards you.

Look out for their age, language, location, interests, demographics, stage of life, and their spending power. You should also follow your audience on social media analytics like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others to focus promoting your content on platform that they spend an enormous amount of time on. 

Understanding your customer’s journey is also key. Know how they discover their problem, understand it, and figure out solutions to it with the options available to them. Compare your brand to other brand’s out there and apply the data you have gathered to improving your current product to suit the needs of your target audience. 

Step 2: Find valuable keywords 

The more valuable keywords you find, the more traffic you will get! Keywords help Google understand what people are looking for.

Here’s how to pick the right keywords that will make you money. 

Using Ubersuggest:

1. Type in keywords related to your field

2. Click “Keyword Ideas” Report to get access to lucrative keywords based on search volume, cost per click, and SEO difficulty (the higher the number, the harder to rank) that you should target

3. Find keywords with less than 40 SEO difficulty as they are easy to rank

4. Browse through “Related”, “Questions”, “Propositions”, and “Comparison” to generate more ideas

5. Click on “Content Ideas” to access blog posts based on popularity from social shares to estimated visits based on Google traffic and backlinks. The more backlinks you have, the more social shares you will generate. This makes your company more popular

6. Finally, pick the blog posts that are good in quality to get traffic

Besides using Ubersuggest, you could sift through Reddit, Forums, Google Trends and many other sites to look for keywords that people often use. 

Step 3: Refine your keyword list

This step is to ensure that you have picked the right keywords to make your content more successful. 

Look for keywords that have high search volume of more than 1000 that are low in competition and group these keywords together to know where to use them. 

Think about which keywords have good profit margin, where the higher the CPC, the more money you can make if you rank for it. 

Lastly, be specific by having thorough content. 

Above are information from NailPatel.com. Check more information on our content creation services or contact us for free consultation.

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