10 Best Corporate Website Design For Service Companies 2021

From the smallest stores to the largest corporations, every business / company in Singapore needs a corporate / professional website these days. In view of recent trends, many educational companies / businesses have started to create websites to advertise their services online themselves, or hire a Singapore web design agency with a web designer to help businesses with their Singapore web design and development.

However, corporate websites involves different creative online tactics depending on the kind of business and industry the corporate is in, including that of search engine optimisation, search engine marketing sem and e commerce. This is key to making your web design / ecommerce succeed online, and can be done well by a web design company.

Here are 10 corporate website designs for service companies / businesses that we recommend you take inspiration for their web design and development:

1. Rediscover Singapore

Rediscover Singapore understands that holidays are times when folks want to rest, relax and unwind. Therefore, they make your holiday experience stress-free by taking care of all your travel needs and ensuring that your experience is an enjoyable one.

They run tours that you can redeem your Singapore Rediscover vouchers with.

You can check out Rediscover Singapore Corporate Website design here

2. Little Fawns

Founded by a group of  friends who loves children, Little Fawns believe that all babies deserve a little more care which best resembles the gentle touch from their loved ones. Through every single tirelessly curated piece at Little Fawns which is sustainably sourced, they wish to help create precious memories for your family which lasts a lifetime.

You can check out Little Fawns Corporate Website design here

3. Tour Mount Bromo

From the iconic to the unexpected, Tour Mount Bromo connects you with the soul of a destination. They believe that the goal of travel is not to see, but to connect with the places you visit. With each carefully handcrafted itinerary, they will take you off the tourist trail to the heart of each destination to discover its true essence in a way impossible to do on your own.

You can check out Tour Mount Bromo Corporate Website design here

4. Whispir

Whispir enables organisations to improve their communications, and ensures people everywhere receive timely, useful and actionable content in a manner that reflects their individual needs and preferences. Through their four key pillars they enable organisations to change their outcomes by creating relevant and engaging interactions with people that build value and trust.

You can check out Whispir Corporate Website design here

5. Alchemist

Dedicated to making quality coffee approachable and accessible to all, Alchemist started out in May 2016, serving coffee from a take-away joint in International Plaza. 

Over the last few years, they have stayed committed to the delivery of simple and no-frills coffee experience in each and every one of their coffee bars. They now have 5 outlets in total, including Hong Leong Building, Design Orchard, and The Mill.

You can check out Alchemist Corporate Website design in Singapore here

6. Maitri Asset Management

Maitri is a signatory of the United Nations-supported Principles for Responsible Investment (“UNPRI”) and the Singapore Stewardship Principles (“SSP”) which guided the development of Maitri’s RI Approach.

Being a responsible investor is part of Maitri’s DNA as the Ishk Tolaram Foundation (“the Foundation”) is their single largest beneficiary, and they align their values to that of the Foundation. They have a dedicated ESG Team within the Investment Team, which developed Maitri’s proprietary Responsible Investment Approach (“RI Approach”).

You can check out Maitri Asset Management Corporate Website design here

7. Explore Learning UK

Explore Learning UK champions children to thrive in their education and beyond. Their expert tutors are dedicated to long-term support for your child achieving their goals. They believe in putting an achievable and tailored strategy in place to provide consistency, to unlock your child’s full potential.

You can check out Explore Learning UK Corporate Website design here

8. Walk-in Clinic

They offer a full range of medical and health services, including consultations, prescription services, testing and referrals, all carried out by an experienced and caring team of professionals.

They open earlier than any other London clinic in the square mile and manage our appointments to minimise waiting times and the number of people in their waiting room at any time, for added comfort and protection of your confidentiality.

You can check out Walk-in Clinic Corporate Website design here

9. Dwell Interior Design

Over the years, Dwell interior design has cultivated a close relationship with the best craftsmen, service providers and suppliers in the trade. This way, they ensure quality CONTROL, competitive COSTING and timely COMPLETION.

More than the projects they do, they also aim to build strong and lasting relationships with their clients.

You can check out Dwell Interior Design Corporate Website design here.

10. Jupiter Asset Management

Since Jupiter was established in 1985, they have sought to make a positive difference for their clients by helping them achieve their long-term investment objectives through high conviction, active management.

Now, thirty-five years on, they have established ourselves as a leading specialist asset manager precisely because they have retained that agility and drive as they have grown. Their value remains in their people, their ability to adapt quickly to changing markets, and in their willingness to continuously challenge ourselves to deliver the best investment outcome for clients.

You can check out Jupiter Asset Management Corporate Website design here

Why Do You Need An Updated Website With A Good Web Design?

Global competition affecting Singapore companies is just one reason to create a brand new corporate website for your company. Your website should act as the official representation of your brand. With an ever-changing world, your corporation is expected to keep up with design and software trends and be a customer-responsive website design with regular web maintenance and a quality content management system.  This will ensure your corporate website design and web development looks modern and ensures an enjoyable user interface for your visitors.

With the help of a good website design / website development company with reliable web developers, a professionally designed corporate website offers the following advantages:

  • Builds trust with the public through a content management system
  • Creates a central spot for growing your brand online
  • Provides investors or stakeholders with data

Customers, clients, and investors will want to learn more information about your company before completing a transaction or engaging your services. A good corporate website design should help direct visitors with contact information for purchases, customer service, and more. This builds trust and credibility, which are essential to any business.

Your corporate website design provides a central spot for increasing online awareness for your brand. Marketing efforts benefit from having a central domain officially linked to your business/e commerce. This will assist you in any Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) or digital marketing efforts such as social media marketing

An effective corporate website design should also give investors and stakeholders a source for any information that they require. This may include reports and summaries to comply with contractual obligations or the rights of shareholders.

Define Your Unique Selling Proposition

Businesses often overlook the importance of a unique selling proposition when planning a corporate website design. This proposition helps set your business apart from the competition. It’s also the foundation for your corporate website.

The unique value of your brand should be the first thing that visitors see when they arrive on the homepage. It also provides the designers with a guideline for the rest of the site during the web development process.

Set Goals For Your Corporate Web Design and Development

Along with the unique selling proposition, top web design companies consider your goals.

What do you hope to achieve with your custom web development project? 
Many will say “attracting visitors.” However, this goal is too broad on its own.

Create specific, measurable goals for your corporate website design or redesign. For example, you may want to up-sell customers with new services, decrease bounce rates, or increase conversion by reducing on-boarding. Other goals may include marketing targets, such as acquiring new signups for a mailing list, or social media marketing

Look For Corporate Website Inspiration Through Web Designs

Before getting started on your custom web development project, it helps to have an idea of what you hope to achieve. Along with specific goals for your corporate web design, you should come up with ideas for the overall appearance and style of the site. This is what we call in Web Delegate a “reference website”.

To find inspiration for your corporate website design, look at examples of sites created by great web design agencies. It’s a good idea to visit sites that aggregate and rank top web design work such as best designs.

For example, the simplicity of the SMAR7  allows users to easily navigate different menus. The software is e designed for Shopify Store owners, providing additional features for up-selling to customers.

K-LASER is a great example of how to create a clean interface for a project that involves big data. If your corporate website design needs to provide visitors (whether customers or internal teams) with lots of information, you may find inspiration from the intuitive layout of this interface.

You can also follow Web Delegate’s Blog as we do feature some websites from time to time.

Define Your Target Audience

A top web design company can design a website that appeals to any target market with a real problem. However, customer obsession is the only path to success. This requires you to define your target audience.

As mentioned, corporate web design often addresses the needs of multiple types of visitors. Instead of simply creating a website for attracting new customers, your custom web development project may need to appeal to stakeholders or investors.

The top web design firms should help design content and interfaces that help your intended audience find the information they require quickly.

For example, investors and partners may benefit from a page dedicated to financial reports while potential customers may require a page showcasing your products. Your custom web development project may even require a section dedicated to staff resources.

What Should A Quality Corporate Website Include?

Setting goals and defining values are just the initial steps in the corporate web design process. You also need to ensure that the web design appeals to your audience and there’s user experience, which requires help from the top web design firms with excellent web designers. When working with a top web agency, they’ll include the following features:

  • Goal-oriented enhancements for design web development
  • Clean interfaces (possibly with mobile application development as well)
  • Simple navigation
  • Contact information
  • Consistent and creative themes with media and design web

First of all, identifying goals and ROI are the foundation of a re-design. Secondly, a clean interface and website design helps visitors find the information they require, directing them to different pages or content without getting distracted by unnecessary clutter or media.

A quality website also needs simple navigation. Visitors should not need to click on multiple links to find relevant pages.

Adding contact information or details related to the locations of corporate offices gives your corporate website more credibility. This is an essential component for any corporate site and a legal requirement for some entities.

Your website also requires a consistent theme to help promote your brand and build an online presence. Every page should follow the same overall concept. The pages may include the same color scheme, fonts, and design elements.

Last but not least, digital marketing is key for a corporate website to get leads and sales. However, this is another topic for another blog post.

In Conclusion (Hiring A Singapore Web Design Agency)

The typical process for companies in 2021 is to create a stunning and attractive website alongside website development and meaningful media. This is coupled with running digital marketing campaigns and creating responsive website landing pages to increase conversion, or e commerce to Search Engine Optimisation or Search Engine Marketing can also be included as well.

If you are looking for a web design agency in Singapore or are into creating your digital marketing campaign, you can look into our web solution packages such as Web Delegate PPC and Web Delegate SEO packages. Alternatively, you can contact us, a Singapore web design agency and our web designers are more than happy to assist you with your web design / e commerce / content management.

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